World Selection Committee

Womens Wrestling Tournament Series: Qualifying For the World Selection Committee

Each year the World Selection Committee prepares a short list of players who will eventually be playing at the World Series. Every year they send these players off to play in the World Series. They want the very best players performing in the game of baseball. This year is no different, with the World Series favorites having been the favorites for a long time. So what should you expect from your World Series Team?

Well, the World Series is comprised of the best players available in each of the four sports of baseball. The World Series includes the champion from each sport competing against the official World Series champion. This year is no exception, with the World Series favorite, the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the World Series champion and the San Francisco Giants as the national association team.

Now, there are a number of things which need to be considered in regards to the selection of players for this year’s WSOF World Series. First and foremost the executive coach for the team is responsible for the entire WSOF World Selection Committee. There are many individuals who can be selected to this role, but only two have proven to be quite worthy of such a position, which is Rob Manetti and Serena Kermitage. Rob Manetti is a former professional women’s baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, and is currently an assistant to the general manager for the New York Yankees. He has played numerous roles on both teams and in various capacities for the Red Sox and the Yankees. Serena Kermitage is currently the national association’s Women’s Softball Director and is responsible for the entire WSOF women’s division.

In terms of qualifications of those involved in the WSOF, there is much that needs to be discussed. First and foremost is the fact that Serena Kermitage must be a resident of Massachusetts in order to be on a management level within the company. This is necessary for several reasons, one being that if she were to manage a developmental league in another state it would most likely be frowned upon by the association for competitive reasons. Secondly, the executive coach for the team must also be a resident of Massachusetts. In this case, Serena Kermitage would be ineligible for such a position.

The WSOF World Series is set to begin with the annual WSOF Boston. If there is any woman in Massachusetts who wants to get connected with the world of wrestling then this is the year for her to do so. It will be a fantastic opportunity for Massachusetts to not only see a professional wrestler at work, but also get to meet people who have done what she has in her career. The wrestlers themselves have been quite active in Massachusetts as far as promotions are concerned, and this will definitely be an eye opener for fans in the area. Additionally, the brawls and matches that take place at these prestigious events will definitely be something to behold.

The World Selection Committee for the Women of Wrestling Tournament is looking for women from Massachusetts. If you are a woman from Massachusetts then you can get connected with your favorite wrestler during this year’s World Series. Also, the WSOF Boston is the site of the women’s single elimination bracket, which is what makes this year’s tournament all the more interesting. There will only be four women in each round, so get ready because your chances are great. Be sure to support the women’s division with tickets, apparel and other products so that the tournament will be a success.