The first issue in Committee News from UK Parliament is the Future of Independent Schools. A major letter from the Select Committee on Education, which is an independent statutory body, calls for parents to be more actively involved in promoting school education as an investment in children’s futures. Committee News from UK Parliament addresses the wide range of issues impacting the education system in the UK. It includes a submission from Professor Michael Gove, Lordlingdon and Professor Sir Peterloo, regarding the National Curriculum.

Committee News

The second topic in Committee News from UK Parliament deals with the role of RSS feeds in breaking news stories. Submissions include reports on the leak of a crucial chapter of the government’s flagship education programme. The topics are: Health Education, Social mobility and Child Development. The Health Education report identifies how RSS feeds can make it easier to access breaking news stories by educating people about health education.

Another important topic addressed by this newsletter is the impact of the recent education reforms. The Health and Social Care Reform Bill will affect the delivery of healthcare. This newsletter looks at the ways in which the reform could affect the way schools provide healthcare services. The Health Education Committee has been charged to investigate how existing regulations regarding the provision of school care will be affected by the introduction of the Bill. The draft report of the Select Committee on Education and Home School Activities includes recommendations on how schools could adapt to meet the changes.

The Select Committee on Education and Future of Independent Schools examines the effect of the reforms on independent schools in England. It identifies five key areas that it intends to cover in its inquiry. It is particularly interested in evidence submitted by school leaders and professionals and by parents, guardians and pupils. The focus of the report is to look at how the Bill could affect the provision of specialist school care, specifically school nurses.

The committee wants to hear from everyone who can give it evidence regarding the impact of the education reform programme. It will also want to hear from everyone who has a view on how it is likely to affect education. It is particularly interested in hearing from heads of state and education policy makers. This is because the Education Reform Bill will be delivered into law at a crucial point in the education sector. It is also keen to understand how the impact of the reforms will vary across different areas of the curriculum and whether there are any particular issues or challenges that need to be addressed before the Bill comes into force.

In addition to covering key issues such as learning and attitudes and school finance and policies, the Committee News Special Features includes in its reporting on selected ‘Committee Chair Speak Out’ stories. These feature articles concentrate on developments that have been notable in recent years, including the introduction of tuition fee reviews and the review of nursery programmes. They also concentrate on the impact of the Bill and examine how it could impact upon various aspects of the classroom, including teaching assistants and safeguarding.