A government is a legal institution or system of individuals governing an entity, usually a country. In other words, a government consists of the powers that it grants to its citizens as a condition for its continued existence. A form of government is called a constitutional government and a government of a constitutional form is called a republic. A hybrid form of government is called a multiparty government.


A political party is a body of political leaders which elects them to serve the people on an elected basis. In other words, a political party is a political organism that governs itself. Parties exist in all cultures and societies around the world and the basic principle that govern their makeup is that each political party must have an equal number of members in both chambers of the legislature at both the national and local levels. The party has the power to set the policies which it believes should be followed by the governed and this policy is oftentimes referred to as mandate.

There are different forms of government structure. The first is that of a single-party state, which is an autocratic form of government where there is one ruler over the people. This form of government has limited powers and is ruled by a party system. Power lies with the people who elect the political party to office and the government structure is limited to reacting to emergencies that require quick action.

A two-party state, which is also known as a proportional form of government is ruled by a government that is recognized as representative of the masses. It has more powers than an autocratic government because it possesses the authority to make laws that go beyond those that an autocratic government makes. Additionally, the two-party system guarantees a level playing field. The general welfare of the people is assured through a system of checks and balances within the political party structure. This structure allows for the election of officials who are elected based on their performance in office.

In a multiparty system, the government has two major parties that compete for power. Elected officials are chosen based on their performance in office. The government structure is left to deal with emergency situations such as when there is a war or a social emergency that requires immediate attention to solve. The system may have checks and balances like the other systems but the power lies with the elected officials who are voted into office based on their performance in office.

Elected officials are held to higher standards of performance than those who are not elected. The term of office is limited to four years and during this time, only the most qualified people are considered for the position. The system is highly regimented and all officials adhere to a set code of conduct. All laws and regulations are followed to ensure compliance with the government’s rules and regulations. The government has to take care of the public’s welfare by regulating industries and activities that affect them. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field are required to get a degree from a college or university that has been accredited by an accrediting agency.