The Selection Committee is the group of members (from the PR department, to be precise) who are responsible for the making of decisions about the PR person for a company. They meet at least once a week and take their decision as a collective group. A very important role for the Selection Committee is to make sure that the best candidate for the post is selected. This group makes all the important decisions, so that a strong image of the company is maintained throughout the PR career.

Selection Committee

It is important that the selection committee members take responsibility for their own roles and decisions. Any one of the five members can end up taking the blame if the company hires someone who is not suited for the post. Therefore, it is vital that all five of the members play their part by taking responsibility for their decisions. The job of the selection committee is not only to look into the personal qualities of a candidate; they must also look into the skills, the experience and the professionalism that a candidate might bring to the company. The Selection Committee must have a high standard of behavior as well. The entire purpose behind the hiring process is to find a person who will bring the most professionalism and skill to the role.

For many organizations, the idea of hiring a person on the basis of their resume is a great idea. The only problem with this type of hiring selection committee is that the resume is not a good indicator of what a person is like. Most of the times, it becomes obvious that the resume was written in haste and is not a very good reflection of the skills, professionalism and experience that a person has. However, it is important that the organization does not rely on the resume to make hiring decisions. The impressive curriculum vitae can be handed out to highlight a person’s abilities, but it does not necessarily mean that the person is the right fit for the job.

The selection committee should interview the candidate over a period of at least three or four weeks. This would allow the organization to get a better feel for the person. During the interviews, there are a number of things that need to be considered. These include:

The interviews for the Selection Committee often go by very quickly. The fact is that there are so many other candidates vying for the same position that a select few will get the interview. Therefore, it is important to select a limited number of candidates to ensure that each and every potential candidate are considered. The organization will also want to consider the personality traits of each candidate in order to ensure that they are a good fit for the job.

Conducting an interview will give the organization an opportunity to hear a candidate’s voice and determine if they possess the personality trait that is needed to do the job. It will also allow the employee to develop some relationships with the members of the Selection Committee. It is important that during the interview, a candidate does not come across as being arrogant or disrespectful. The selection committee needs to realize that these types of behaviors do not help their case. By conducting an interview that is both successful in bringing the candidate to the interview and keeping the candidate comfortable throughout, the organization is ensuring that they are well suited for the position.