The World Selection Committee, often referred to as WSC, is the group of people that selects teams for the Olympic Games. They are not afraid to use their judgement and put the athlete through a variety of training sessions before they can be chosen for the Olympics. They are also willing to give athletes a second chance if they perform below expectations.

The WCSC is made up of five members: Dr. Robert J. Abbru, Dean R. Taggert, Joseph P. Ziemba, Mary Lou Doyle and John E. Billington. They are all experts in their fields and each has a unique area of expertise. Each member has an important role to play when they make their decisions.

During the selection process, the World Selection Committee (WSC) looks for a candidate who will be an asset to ICANN and its mission to serve all communities across the globe. The Committee evaluates applicants based on several criteria, including diversity, leadership skills, engagement and potential for future success at ICANN. The Committee also considers the need for candidates from regions and sectors that are not well represented in the ICANN Fellowship Program.

As part of its membership, the World Heritage Committee establishes the criteria for the inclusion of properties on the World Heritage List. It also reviews reports on the state of conservation of inscribed sites and decides whether a site should be placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. It also allocates financial assistance to States Parties who request it to protect their properties.

On November 7, 2023, the WMSC will convene in Bloomington, Minnesota to review MWF’s bid to host a Specialized World Expo in 2027. WMSC will evaluate the Minnesota Expo USA 2027 team’s technical and logistical plan, as well as its capacity to deliver an outstanding event experience for visitors from around the world.

An expert committee may be formed to select a candidate for a particular award, to examine the results of a nomination, or to determine the eligibility of an applicant. Each expert committee will consist of a chair (assigned by the overall Selection Subcommittee Chair) and at least two other members appointed by the chair.

The competition to decide the Team USA for the 2022 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool, England, came down to the final day of qualifying on Saturday at the US women’s trials in Katy, Texas. The top five athletes will be named on Sunday and the reserve spot will be determined by the Selection Committee. In addition to those already qualified, Shilese Jones earned a spot by winning the all-around competition. Athletes who are not selected must wait until a new selection period opens up to be nominated again. Those nominated can be removed from the list if their performance falls below the minimum standard required for selection at a Protected Competition or if they miss multiple selection events. The final decision will be announced on Sunday.