Selection Committee

A Selection Committee is a group of people that evaluates applicants for a job. Its purpose is to help minimize the likelihood of bias or personal preferences among individual decision makers. The committee may be made up of supervisors, peers, clients or customers, and other key stakeholders who can provide various perspectives on a position incumbent’s skills and requirements. It is also important that the committee be as diverse as possible. Human diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, and functional expertise provides a wide range of perspectives to evaluate the applicant pool.

Typically, Selection Committees are made up of employees from different staff levels, employee groups and departments. This ensures that the committee members have varying experiences/interactions with the person they are interviewing for the job. In addition, the use of a Selection Committee also reduces the likelihood of internal conflict that can occur with the choice of a candidate.

When a Selection Committee is created, the Chairperson is responsible for coordinating and recruiting the committee members. Ideally, it should be a diverse group with a mix of males and females. It is also a good idea to include individuals from outside the department, for example local teachers or fire chiefs, especially if the position requires specific knowledge of the community that the work will be performed in.

A member of a Selection Committee can be removed from the panel at any time if they do not perform their duties or demonstrate a lack of commitment to the process. A replacement would then be selected by the Management Committee and a new term began.

It is essential that all Committee members understand and agree to the role they play in the selection process, including how they will produce their rankings. The CFP hires SportSource Analytics to provide the statistical data that will be used by the Committee members. These individuals will then evaluate that information and compare teams on every available level to determine the overall rankings, ranging from conference championships won to head-to-head results to strength of schedule.

During the Selection Committee interviews, it is important to consider the dynamics of the meeting and make it as welcoming and comfortable for candidates as possible. This includes the seating arrangement and a questioning structure that is designed to allow for conversation while maintaining the necessary level of professionalism. Using a neutral venue and limiting the number of attendees is also helpful in creating an environment that is non-intimidating.

The Selection Committee is comprised of 13 members. This number was chosen to provide a balance of geographic representation, viewpoints and active discussion during the weekly meetings that take place Mondays and Tuesdays. The committee will meet again on Selection Weekend to conduct a final evaluation and determine the final rankings that will be used to select the playoff participants for 2022.