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Since June, the select committee has held blockbuster public hearings that laid out evidence of a multi-pronged effort by Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election results. They allegedly lied about voting fraud and worked to place like-minded officials in state and local offices across the country. The panel has subpoenaed more than 300 witnesses and gathered tens of thousands of documents.

The committee members have bonded over their work with a sense of unity rarely seen in Congress. The nine-member team is up against a ticking clock as the investigation could be disbanded by Republicans if they win control of the House in November 2022. In the months ahead, they will start revealing their findings to the public as they prepare for possible criminal referrals. “We’ve been working really well together, no division, no hostility, no partisan bickering, just let’s get this job done,” said California Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a veteran of congressional investigations dating back to Watergate. The panel has a friendly text chain where members swap news and personal updates. They have been known to wish one another happy birthdays or congratulate a coworker on the birth of their child.

Multiple sources familiar with the committee’s work told Rolling Stone they are focusing on the financing for the Ellipse rally and similar rallies, as well as how Trump communicated with supporters before Jan. 6. They also plan to investigate how the White House campaigned for voter fraud and if top administration officials had any role in inciting violence at the Capitol.

If the committee’s report concludes that members of Trump’s campaign and administration violated laws by interfering with the electoral process, it would lead to the first-ever congressional referrals for election fraud. But the outcome of such an action may be fleeting. While lawmakers can refer cases to the Department of Justice, they cannot dole out punishments.

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