World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is a panel made up of five members from each country who evaluate a shortlist of athletes to participate in the Olympic games. Its members are usually experts in their sport, and are appointed by the organizing committee. The World Selection Committee makes recommendations to the International Olympic Committee about the athletes they believe will be the best at the Games. The members of the World Selection Committee can also disqualify an athlete if they feel they do not meet the criteria. This disqualification will last four years and will prevent that athlete from competing again.

The World Selection Committee meets three times a year. The purpose of these meetings is to make a shortlist for the Olympics and award prize money to the top performers. However, if an athlete does not meet the criteria, they will be disqualified from competing in the Olympics for four years. Once a final selection has been made, the World Selection Committee then decides which city will host the next World Orchid Congress in 2024.