Committee News

The service is led by Julie Collier, a former journalist from RNZ and former editor of the Service of Committee News (SCN). She is well-placed to bring to the job a wealth of experience in Parliamentary proceedings. She is supported by a fellow director, a former press secretary in the Beehive. The team also includes a pool of young journalists on the cusp of their professional careers.

As the representative of the news activities of the EBU membership, the News Committee facilitates dialogue and cooperation between news operations. It also develops best practices and shares innovations in news gathering. The committee has a diverse membership and encourages interdisciplinary exchange. Its mission is to foster media expertise, foster innovation and improve the efficiency of news gathering.

The committee held its final public hearings on July 21. Members have announced more public hearings in September. A preliminary report is expected to be released next month as a preview of the final report later this year. Afterward, Congress returns to Washington and the spotlight will be split between the Florida court case and the Jan. 6 investigation.

The Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee’s News Alerts follow federal energy, transportation, and environment policy issues. The news alerts are intended as a starting point for discussions and bring current issues to the forefront. They are not an official ARLIS position and are not intended to be construed as official statements. In addition, the alerts do not represent the official views of ARLIS or the association.

The Committees of the Canadian Senate function as a means of scrutinizing government spending proposals, studying issues, and improving the law for Canadian citizens. These committees are divided into several groups, each focusing on different issues, including economics, social issues, and political ones. However, it is important to note that these groups are not all equal.

UC also welcomed two new members to its membership, Lisa Hager and John Boyland. These new additions mean that the Committee will have five members until elections take place this semester. In addition, the Committee appointed representatives to several campus committees for the next year. It also heard an outline of the initial plan for reorganizing the UW System’s SSEA. It will meet again next semester to discuss the plan and revise it for further consideration by Faculty Senate.

Committee News provides updated information on committee activities. You can access the latest news by clicking on the links below. In addition to these, you can also browse the documents and hearings of individual committees. These documents can be found in the public domain, which means that they are free to view and download. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact the Committee staff.