Selection Committee

When preparing for an interview, make sure you know the exact length of the time allocated for the interview. In most cases, an hour is sufficient to gather all the necessary information from a candidate. However, keep in mind that everyone has busy schedules. This is true not only for the Selection Committee, but also for the candidate.

Members of the Selection Committee should be members of equity-seeking organizations or groups, and they should be familiar with the selection process. It is important to note that the members of the committee will only serve for three years, unless the Conference decides to appoint a member for a longer term. Members should also be familiar with the points outlined in this document.

In addition, the members of the committee should understand the nature of the position and the characteristics of the person sought. They must be fair in evaluating applications based on merit. They must also accept the University’s confidentiality policy. During the selection process, the members of the committee may be asked to form a sub-committee to interview short-listed candidates. The selection committee will then decide how many applicants will be interviewed.

Members of the Selection Committee should be diverse, with different perspectives on the hiring process. This helps to reduce the chance of biases. They should represent a wide range of stakeholders, including peers, clients, and supervisors. Moreover, the members should be diverse in terms of their gender, ethnicity, and functional expertise.