Generally, the World Selection Committee is comprised of five members, one from each country. They meet three times a year to review applications from athletes. They make recommendations for athletes who are qualified to participate in the Olympic Games. These athletes are also selected based on their experience and expertise in their sport. The criteria used by the World Selection Committee are very stringent. These criteria ensure the safety and performance of athletes. If an athlete fails to meet the requirements, they will be disqualified for four years.

Applicants must submit their application in Portuguese or Spanish, and must include all elements of the application. These elements can include letters, documents, and original datasets. They must be submitted before the deadline at the Secretariat of the Selection Committee. The Secretary makes four copies of the application, and distributes them to the Selection Committee members. The Selection Committee then adopts a decision. The decision is announced through the Selection Committee website or by email. The decision will also be recorded in the SILAS archive.

The World Selection Committee members must be well-qualified and have relevant experience. Members are usually senior athletes who have a lot of knowledge in their sport. They should also be able to handle responsibility. Their rankings should also include comments on outstanding merit. They should also be active in teaching at tertiary institutions. They should be able to read in English and Spanish.

The World Selection Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting the athletes who will represent their countries in the Olympic Games. Athletes who meet the criteria are awarded the title of World Selected Athlete and will be eligible to compete in the Games. If an athlete does not meet the requirements, they will be disqualified from competing in the Games for four years. The World Selection Committee aims to give a fair chance to all countries, and to select the best athletes from each country. They are also responsible for ensuring the success of the Olympic Games.

The World Selection Committee will choose the best athletes for the Olympic Games. All applications must be received by the Secretariat of the Selection Committee before the deadline. They are then evaluated by the Committee, and athletes are chosen based on their expertise and experience.