Committee News

Committee News is a small revolutionary-socialist organization that has published news in the past. The publication’s purpose is to inform readers about the happenings of the organization, its members, and its activities. The print pages provide information about the committee, the name of the committee, and the date of publication. The print pages are provided in XML/HTML, plain text, and PDF formats. PDF is the best choice because it preserves the text in its best quality.

The House Oversight Committee has until the end of the year to compel Trump to appear before it, although the Republican majority in the House has threatened to dissolve it earlier. Trump has already been taunted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during an interview on MSNBC, suggesting that he isn’t “man enough” to comply with a subpoena. However, committee members are hopeful that Trump will appear.

The management of the service is a mixture of experienced journalists and young journalists who are in their early professional careers. The founder of the service, Julie Collier, was a senior journalist with RNZ and has extensive knowledge of the workings of government. She is backed by another director, a former chief press secretary of the Beehive. The SCN service is supported by a team of more than 100 support staff in the Parliamentary complex.

The Committee is also working on a form for AAIM members to submit consultation requests. It will review submitted requests in August. It will then issue a report detailing its findings and recommendations. Once the report is ready, it will be distributed to all AAIM members for review. And in the meantime, members of the committee are encouraged to continue working without a formal chair.