World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is composed of at least five members from each country. These members must be experts in the sport in question. The World Selection Committee makes recommendations to the Olympic Committee and, if there are any omissions, disqualifies athletes for four years. Once selected, athletes are able to compete in the Olympic Games only if they meet the criteria laid out by the committee. The World Selection Committee meets at least three times a year.

The selection committee will evaluate each bid using a number of criteria. The selection committee will evaluate each bid according to their ability to benefit citizens, organize a year-long programme of design events, and involve large sectors of the population. The committee will then vote on which of the winning bids will be awarded funding. The winner will receive an award worth US$1.5 million. The winning city will be announced at the WDC. The award ceremony will take place in Paris, France.

The Selection Committee comprises distinguished individuals, who are anonymous. These individuals are knowledgeable in different aspects of agriculture, nutrition, food processing, and distribution. Additionally, these individuals are knowledgeable about water and environmental issues. The Selection Committee will consider the balance of the various segments in the food system. In order to win the Prize, you must be the best advocate for these segments. Consider the nomination criteria and submit your nomination as early as possible. The World Selection Committee will recommend the winner and first alternate.