The World Selection Committee is composed of five members. Each country nominates a representative to the committee. The committee meets three times a year to review shortlists and criteria. Athletes who do not meet the criteria will be disqualified for four years. Listed below are the duties of the World Selection Committee. You should know these before applying for an athletic competition. The criteria may change during the selection process. To apply, please visit the official website.

The committee works closely with the UWC-USA in reviewing applications. The Committee meets several times a month to read nearly a thousand documents, teacher recommendations, and personal interviews of 150 semi-finalists. In February, the selection committee will visit UWC and observe students during finalist weekend. They will interview all of the applicants during this time. The committee also visits the school during finalist weekend to make sure they fit the criteria. All selections are confidential, and only those selected will be notified.

The World Selection Committee comprises seven international experts with experience in urban planning, design, and economic development. The selection committee vets bids based on several criteria, including the opportunities for citizens to benefit from design, the capacity of the city to organize a year-long programme of design events, and its capacity to engage the wider design community and large sectors of the population in urban revitalization strategies. In addition, the selection committee will consider the quality of the proposed project and whether it will be able to deliver on its promise of sustainable development.

The One Young World Selection Committee consists of leaders from diverse backgrounds who share the same visions and values. One Young World is the premier global forum for young leaders. The Hague and Bogota are two of the two cities selected to host the events in 2017 and 2018. In both cities, the participants will gather over 1,500 young leaders to address pressing global issues. If you are a young leader and are interested in becoming involved, be sure to apply for the program today! The selection process is competitive.