Committee News

You may be wondering, “What is Committee News?” If you’ve ever volunteered for a congressional committee or served on a legislative body, you’ve most likely heard about it. But what exactly is this news, and why does it matter to your organization? Read on to discover the secrets behind this controversial publication. This is not your average legislative newsletter. Instead, it’s a must-read for everyone interested in politics. It’s not too late to start reading Committee News today.

The GLBT Round Table Reviews Committee is a standing committee of the round table. Its members write reviews of media and books, and the committee recruits volunteers to write reviews. The last time I checked, this committee’s membership roster was current as of 04/29/2022. The list below shows the active committee members as of this date. The GLBT Round Table Reviews Committee was charged with creating and compiling Rainbow RT news and reviews. It was voted on by the GLBT Round Table Board of Directors in November 2013.

While it is a small revolutionary-socialist organization in the U.S., it has become one of the world’s most influential publications. It is a major source of inspiration for aspiring journalists and other media professionals. It also serves as a networking opportunity for the members of the News Committee. And in the end, it’s all about the future of journalism and public service media. So, how does the News Committee work? By promoting interdisciplinary dialogue between news operations and publishing, the committee develops best practices and promotes innovation in news gathering.

The UC Department of Education and Equity’s chair N. Rothfels gave a report on the presentation made to the Senate by the CARE group. Nigel Rothfels co-chairs the Committee that makes recommendations to the Chancellor. FAA VC R. Van Harpen declined AAUP’s request to do a salary review for faculty in the CGS but hopes to do a full review in the future. The ASC and FAA will also continue their discussions on campus thesis/dissertation submission requirements over the summer.

The committee discussed a number of issues, including student deaths and campus messaging. The committee clarified that the status of Distinguished Professors is not a rank but an honorific, so actions relating to this designation are not considered personnel actions. It also discussed the new committee structure that was approved by the Leadership Team. The NAR Expertise Profile is a useful resource for committee appointments and volunteer opportunities. So, if you’re interested in volunteer work in the organization, consider joining the Committee.