While the RFP process is an important commitment, it is equally important to appoint an internal Selection Committee. This team will have just as much impact as the qualified bids they receive. Following these tips can help you ensure the most effective selection process for your next RFP. And remember: selection mistakes can be costly. To avoid them, make sure your members are as diverse as possible. Here are some tips to make your selection committee as inclusive as possible.

When forming a selection committee, be sure to include employees from different levels, departments, and groups of employees. Include both males and females. If possible, invite representatives of OPSEU Local 415 and/or contact the Academic Union to coordinate their participation in recruitment panels. Involved members should have the requisite knowledge about the position and the process. If they don’t, they may not be able to assess candidates fairly.

The Selection Committee reports to the President and Provost. Members of the committee are chosen by the Committee on Committees. Each academic unit must have a representative, but no department may have two members on the committee. The Committee reviews recommendations from faculty members regarding outstanding professors and recommends the award for them. It is also responsible for monitoring the projects and actions that have been taken. This committee meets every four months and consists of eight members. Each member has specialized knowledge in one of the Foundation’s action areas.

The Selection Committee should include both new and veteran members of the organization. Veteran members bring knowledge of the organization’s history and culture. However, new members provide fresh ideas and a chance for growth. They also avoid the “this is how we always did it” mentality. Inclusion of new members of the organization’s staff will ensure that new approaches and ideas are considered. And the Committee should not be overly biased towards a particular candidate or group of people.

Members of the Solano County City Selection Committee welcome public participation. Meetings are held pursuant to the Ralph M. Brown Act. Members of the committee may meet at different locations around Solano County. The committee will also conduct workshops to discuss potential scenarios before finalizing the bracket. The entire process takes about five days and is fraught with challenges. Meanwhile, basketball is still being played in the conference tournaments. There are no guarantees for an upset.

The Chair of a selection committee must complete training. The Feather River Community College District offers online training on the role of a hiring committee. The course covers the essential duties of a selection committee and ends with a compliance quiz. Successful candidates will pass the quiz in order to receive credit for the training. Those who are not on the committee must schedule the training. For additional questions, please contact David Burris or Morgan Turner at ext. 257.