World Selection Committee

World Selection Committee “Won’t Making excuses” For missing Women’s World Series

The World Selection Committee consists of a group of people, who have the job of choosing international athletes to represent their nation at various Olympic Games. International athletes are selected based on their athletic ability and sportsmanship, and their physical appearance as well. They also undergo numerous practice and competition tests prior to the games to prepare physically and mentally for the big event.

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with the entire National Association of Professional Women in Baseball or the MLB, where I served as the National Association of Basketball Coaches’ women’s basketball developmental scout. It was truly an amazing opportunity to be involved in such an incredible organization. There are several exceptional ladies in various positions throughout the league and working with them provided great insight into what it takes to be a successful professional woman in sports. Every day there are new and different opportunities for professional women in baseball that serve to further advance the professional women in sports movement.

As an executive coach, one of my jobs is to assist our athletes in becoming the best they can be for their sport and our sport’s cause. In the case of the National Association of Professional Women in Baseball we strive to promote unity amongst our members, fans and baseball leagues across the nation. Along those same lines, the World Selection Committee looks at each player and tries to determine her or his skills and achievements both on and off the field. Then, based upon that information to the selection committee makes a very educated and careful decision about who should represent the United States. It is really amazing the World Selection Committee works so hard to ensure that every qualified female athlete makes it to the Olympic Games.

During the course of the past year, I met with many different individuals who are part of the Women’s National Association of Professional Women in Baseball. Throughout the year, I have met and worked with some of the players, coaches, managers, trainers, executives and owners. During these meetings, I learned so much from the ladies who were absolutely dedicated to their cause. They shared with me their hopes and dreams of participating in the Olympic Games in the summer of 2021.

Of course, I always try to keep myself involved in as many things as possible within the sports world. I have been involved in a lot of charitable events as well. One of them was a book signing held in the New England Compression Park in Boston, Massachusetts on the weekend of March 8th. Numerous professional and amateur female players came out to play a game of baseball and signed autographs. This helped with the visibility of the women’s league, which was working so hard to gain support and sponsors.

I met some of the players and coaches prior to the game and spent some quality time with several of them. We had a great chat about some of the difficulties they were having in their respective careers. The entire World Selection Committee and I are very pleased that the entire Boston Red Sox organization and their fans showed their support for the Women’s World Series victory. In fact, I think the Red Sox was more behind than most people thought they would be in such an important fashion.