Selection Committee

The Selection Committee of an ESBS Employer

The Selection Committee is typically charged with the responsibility of choosing one or more shortlisted candidates who will be serving as EIC members for a period of five years to come. The selected candidates are required to have gone through the relevant training courses and obtain a license in accordance with their respective states’ laws. All selected candidates are subjected to a rigorous interview process by the Selection Committee before being appointed as EIC. The selected candidates are then appointed on the basis of their merits by the Board of Directors of the Electric Industries Supervisory Board (ESBS) for service on the region or States as and when necessary.

The competence of the Selection Committee in carrying out its function of selecting candidates is questioned on the one hand. On the other, the need for effective EIC and hiring committee scorecards is also required. There are many instances where companies find it impossible to achieve the desired competence of the said body through the normal resources available. In such a situation, the hiring committee chairperson is requested to develop an effective hiring committee that has a high level of competence in order to ensure recruitment of the most suitable candidates while meeting the overall staffing needs of the company. These recommendations are forwarded to the ESBS for further action.

The selection committee normally meets at least three times every year in a year. Meetings are held once in the month of April and once in the month of May. Apart from these, there are various additional meetings that take place between July and September every year. The frequency of these meetings largely depends on the area of business and the needs of the company.

There are certain procedures that are followed by the ESBS during the course of their regular meetings. The main objectives of these meetings are to ensure that all members of the selection committee are in agreement and able to effectively carry out the functions of the said body. These committees are required to submit a written chair report at the end of each month with their findings. The chair report is a document that contains the summary of the discussions held throughout the meeting and any recommendations made. The purpose of these reports is to assist in the preparation of the company’s annual report which is required by law to be submitted to the government for assessment.

Every month, the committee members are required to submit their written candidate recommendation to the Executive Director of the ESBS. The list of recommended candidates are generated by the committee members meeting for the first time or by the company officials during the course of the month. Candidates who are recommended by the selection committee are invited to attend the monthly meetings. During these meetings, they are presented with their formal proposals and are required to either accept or reject them. If the candidates agree to accept the proposals, the panel is required to make a recommendation to the employer for the selection criteria.

In case candidates do not accept the recommendations, the panel is not required to make a further recommendation concerning the candidate. Once all the candidates have been short listed, an ESBS Job Interview Questionnaire is prepared by the HR department for each candidate. The questionnaire consists of general questions about the applicant’s work experience, personal qualities, specific skills and interview questions relating to the selection criteria.