The World Selection Committee consists of seven members who are appointed by the UNESCO. These members are from various countries and specialize in different fields of sport. The committee also includes a rapporteur who is a qualified person, who may be a former athlete or a member of an impartial organization. This is to ensure that each country has a representative on the committee. The World Selection Committee helps in identifying all the potential athletes who could potentially take part in the Olympic Games.

World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee consists of executive director and head trainer, Dr. Richard Lapetino, who is a national team coach; Dr. Ruben Ostrup, who is an Olympic gold medalist and head trainer for the Denmark women’s team; Dr. Yvan Loubere, who is a national assistant for the Belgium women’s team; Mr. Bernard Passy, who is an executive coach of the Concordia University men’s basketball team; Mr. Michel Lacroix, who is a national coach of the France women’s team; Mr. Guyana, who is a national coach of the Venezuela women’s national team; Mr. Carlos Alzado, who is a senior physiotherapist and physical education specialist at Concordia University; Mr. Patrick Sander, who is a senior consultant at CWDF/EMEA (Concordia University Sport Management Foundation); Mr. Kevin Dunn, who is a senior trainer for Lulea, the manufacturers of PowerDiet, and is a past member of the World Health Organization’s independent evaluation panel for diet supplements; Mr. Peter Spencer, who is a senior consultant at Newbridge Sports Performance Limited; Mr. James Parkinson, who is an exercise physiologist at Deakin University, Australia; Mr. Graeme Green, who is an expert trainer at St. John’s College, Cambridge; Mr. Nicholas Romanos, who is a senior lecturer in Exercise Physiology at Goldsmiths College, University of London; and Mr. David Palmer, who is an exercise physiologist at the University of East Anglia.

Each team has to submit their finished schedules as well as a list of activities that were completed successfully and those that failed so far. These included various training camps and clinics that took place both in Europe and in Boston. Among the most recent teams to join the fray are the Boston College men’s basketball team which became the first American university team to qualify for the world championships. The current world champions are seeded third in their group after they knocked out Germany earlier this year. They are joined by holders of the world cup trophy, which also qualifies as the most prestigious in the history of women’s sports.

Boston is considered to be the United States’ chief college and professional sports destination because of the location and the climate. The city hosts numerous sporting events and festivals during the course of a year, making it a hotspot for both amateur and professional sport lovers from all over the country. At the same time, it offers a rich diversity of things to do from history lover, to art lover and above all, from the sporting spectrum. That is why, according to the World Selection Committee, the entire nation of United States should be proud of the fact that the Boston University Men’s Golf team has reached such high levels of success. It is not just about the triumph achieved on the sporting front but it is a true representation of what is happening in the greater US as a whole – a commitment to the greater good of the nation and its people. It is a great example of how we can come together in times of adversity and raise our games to greater heights to achieve goals that we set for ourselves and for our fellow Americans.