World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is the body that appoints athletes to represent their country at the Olympic Games. This group meets three times a year to review each athlete’s application and determine if they are eligible to compete at the Olympic Games. If they do not meet the criteria for their chosen sport, they are disqualified and are prohibited from competing for four years. The goal of the World Selection Committee is to make sure that every country’s athletes have an equal opportunity to compete.

The World Selection Committee is composed of one member from each department at the ILC. The team has been in existence for 13 years and is currently in the sixth edition. Usually, one member of the ILC’s Department of Education and Curriculum and Instructional Design serves on the committee. The team’s goal is to bring the best young athletes from each country to compete in the World Selection Tournament. The team is not expected to win the tournament, but it hopes to make a name for itself in the series.

The members of the Selection Committee are distinguished individuals who remain anonymous. Their expertise includes various aspects of agriculture, food processing, distribution, water, and environmental issues. Their recommendations are forwarded to the President of the Foundation, the Board of Directors, and the Council of Advisors of the Foundation. The winner and first alternates are chosen from among the nominees by the Committee. The award is presented annually to one winner and one first alternate. The selection committee also reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, the President of the Foundation, and the Council of Advisors of the World Food Prize.