Committee News

Committee News

A committee is a group of individuals subordinate to an assembly (a legislature, court, board of directors or other deliberative body). Its members are chosen by the assembly and usually have specific functions related to particular topics or subjects. A committee can also be an ad hoc group formed for a specific task or project.

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The committee has made it clear that they believe there is enough evidence to make a criminal referral of Trump and Eastman for obstruction of justice, arguing that their scheme to replace Democratic electors with fake Trump nominees was designed to “obstruct, delay, or interfere with this official proceeding that should have been the centerpiece of the lawful transfer of power.”

Past hearings have shown taped testimony from Cabinet members like Attorney General Bill Barr and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, as well as the former head of the Oath Keepers, who is facing federal fraud charges. In addition, the panel has obtained a trove of Secret Service documents from around the time of the Jan. 6 riot, and they are expected to present them at the next hearing.

Other witnesses who have appeared before the committee include a state election supervisor, former prosecutors, and members of Congress. In addition, the panel is seeking to speak with people who were involved in organizing the riot. The panel will likely ask questions about the riot’s logistics, including the number of protesters and how they were armed.

At the end of a committee’s work, it typically provides its results in the form of a report to its parent assembly. The report may explain the methods of investigation used, what facts were uncovered, any conclusions reached and any recommendations. Afterwards, the assembly may decide to disband the committee or discharge it of its duties and leave the matter to another one of its standing committees. A committee may also be dissolved if the appointing authority feels the results of its investigation are not satisfactory. In some instances, however, a committee will be re-established to continue its work on the same topic. The committee may also be asked to review its own rules and procedures. This can occur if the rules are deemed to be outdated or inadequate. In other cases, the committee will be tasked with drafting new rules and regulations to govern how it works.