The World Selection Committee is a group of individuals from around the world who are responsible for choosing athletes who will represent their country in the Olympic Games. Each nation has different rules and criteria that they use when choosing their World Selected Athlete. The Committee’s mission is to select the best athletes and ensure that they have a fair chance of representing their country at the Olympic Games.

The members of the World Selection Committee are chosen from a variety of sports, and they should be well-qualified and have relevant experience. They must also be able to handle the responsibility of being on the committee, including the ranking process and comments on outstanding merit.

They should have knowledge about their sport and be active in teaching at tertiary institutions. They should have a strong interest in international relations and be willing to travel abroad and work with a team of experts from around the world.

In addition to the World Selection Committee, there are a number of other committees that help make decisions regarding which sports will be selected for competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup. These committees can be quite large and can include representatives from each of the sports.

For example, the World Tennis Association has a women’s tennis committee that makes recommendations about who should be selected for the national team to compete in the next Women’s Tennis Championship. This is a committee of coaches, experts and officials from around the world.

This committee works in close cooperation with the World Team Handball Commission, which is responsible for the selection of teams and players to compete at the Women’s Olympic Handball Tournament. The Women’s Olympic Handball Committee is comprised of coaches, sports analysts and experts from around the world who are chosen based on their expertise and experience in the field.

The Selection Committee consists of a chairperson and a vice-chairperson and other members appointed by the Board, ensuring a balance between donor countries, implementing countries, civil society, the private sector and foundations. The committee members are required to meet the independence criteria set out in the FIFA Governance Regulations.

They have a duty to ensure that all World Selected Athletes are fully prepared for competition, and should not be in any way under-prepared or unable to compete on the day of the event. For this reason, the Committee may request that an athlete or coach submits a training plan and other documents indicating their preparation for competition.

To help athletes prepare for competition, the World Selected Athlete will be given training guidance and assistance from USA Cycling’s Sports Performance staff. The training will be tailored to the athlete’s individual needs and goals.

Qualification to be on the World Selected Athlete List is a rigorous process. Athletes are required to have met all the criteria listed on the Selection Committee’s website and to have submitted an application in a form approved by the Committee.