World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is responsible for selecting the athletes for the Olympic Games. It has five members, one from each country, who meet three times a year. Each member has different areas of expertise, and they are chosen according to their qualifications and experience. The criteria are quite strict and aim to ensure that athletes from different countries get the best opportunity possible to compete in the Olympic Games.

The committee looks at the overall scoring potential of a team and the medal potential of each individual athlete. The team will be built around Malone, who is good on all six events in the team event. Whittenburg, meanwhile, is strong on parallel bars, vault, and still rings. Among the remaining athletes, Nedoroscik, the first American to win a pommel horse world title, will be another possibility. However, he struggled at nationals and again on Monday.

The World Selection Committee will be able to review the submissions for the 2024 competition. The committee will be able to identify the most promising projects. Applicants are required to have submitted all their necessary documentation. The selection committee will also take into consideration the quality of the proposals. Applicants are required to include all the elements of the proposal in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.