When most people think of government they think of the U.S. government and what it does. However, government isn’t just about the government. It’s also about how the government organizes to impact people’s lives. For example, you can’t run a business without the legal structure of a government license.


A country is nothing without its political system. In addition to the basic rule that no one can take away your rights, each nation has a legal system that enforces the will of the people through various means. A country with economic freedom would have legal systems that don’t restrict freedom. On the other hand, countries that are known for their sound money policies would have stable economic freedom in place because the government spends its money in a way that keeps the economy growing.

One hallmark of a sound legal system is economic freedom. When you combine economic freedom with low government spending, you get a vibrant market that enables entrepreneurs to start new businesses and earn income from the efforts of others. Without the rule of law and the ability to pursue private property, there would be little room for new companies or new jobs. For that reason, entrepreneurship is fostered within a free market. In this way, a strong economy is born out of free market capitalism.

Limited government starts at the grassroots. Without basic law and a functional legal system, individuals would have no standing to demand freedom from taxation. The colonists came to America as a result of the colonists’ desire to a free and prosperous existence. As long as these desires are understood, and properly implemented, it is possible to preserve the freedoms that were a driving force behind the revolution. That includes limited government.

There are two forces at work in modern-day America. The forces are determined by capitalism and liberty. Those who support capitalism and give all humans the opportunity to exercise their rights will be much more likely to accept the freedoms the colonists enjoyed as well as the great Britain has strived for. Conversely, those who believe in limiting those rights and imposing great Britain’s version of social responsibility will find it very difficult to live without taxation and the rule of laws. As long as these principles are understood, and supported by the masses, the idea of limited government will thrive in America and the West.

The future of the United States and the world rests on limited governments and a strong constitutional order. With the growth and maturity of our capitalist system, we can look forward to a period of robust economic growth, free markets, and less government. A healthy constitutional system allows for checks and balances to prevent undue influence, and it ensures that our representative government keeps working to maintain the freedoms the founding fathers intended for us.