The Selection Committee is the body which reads the qualifications and credentials of the potential candidate, who has been short-listed for an interview. The Selection Committee (ILC) comprises one member from each region, department and senior management of the ILC. Subsequently, the members of the Selection Committee meet each month to assess the progress of the interviewee. If they accept the candidate, they advise the employer. If they reject the candidate, they send him or her an appropriate message in the form of a letter.

Selection Committee

The ILC plays a pivotal role in the selection process of any company. They are generally comprised of three people: a member from the human resources group, a senior manager and a senior level manager. This body performs two functions. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for the employer to ask questions and obtain further information on the potential candidates; and secondly, it provides a record of the interview and the selection process conducted by the employer. The Selection Committee can also provide a record of the interview conducted and the decision made by the employer.

The ILC plays a key role in the interview and selection process. The Selection Committee need to take into account various aspects, which may be either positive or negative, of the interview process, with an eye on creating a selection process that is fair to both the employer and the potential candidate. The Selection Committee does not decide the successful candidate; rather, it acts as a neutral third party, who can objectively assess the competencies and suitability of the potential candidate. The Selection Committee needs to clearly define their criteria for selecting candidates, to reduce the number of interviews required to select a successful candidate. A positive recommendation from the Selection Committee to the candidate must be supported with documentary evidence of the recommendation. Furthermore, the Selection Committee must undertake a meaningful analysis of the candidate’s responses to the questions asked during the interview process.

The Selection Committee does not make a final decision on candidate selection until the interviewee has satisfactorily answered all of the selected questions. At the end of the interview the Review Committee will meet with the interviewee and provide them with a written evaluation. The Review Committee will discuss their recommendations with the employer and confirm that candidate is short-listed for an interview. The Review Committee is again responsible for an open dialogue between the employer and the selected candidate, whereby the two parties are able to develop an agreement based on their individual assessment of the candidate’s suitability for the position. The selection committees often meet more than one candidate, so that each candidate is given the opportunity to express themselves and give detailed information on why they feel that they would be a good candidate for the role.

The role of the Selection Committee is to ensure that there is an effective level of communication between the employer and the candidate and between the selection committee and the candidate throughout the recruitment and interview process. When a selection committee interviewee does not receive an interview invitation, they have the responsibility to notify the ILC. If the employer does not proceed with the interview, then the ILC has the responsibility to re-contest the Selection Committee’s recommendation and/or withdraw the candidate from the process. In some instances, where the ILC feels that there were material misrepresentation or false information provided by the Selection Committee and ILC, this may result in the candidate not receiving an interview.

The Selection Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the interview procedure and the selection criteria are adhered to fully during the interviewing process. The Selection Committee must meet all interview criterion to confirm the suitability of the candidates for the role. It is important for the Selection Committee to consider all the relevant factors when deciding whether to recommend a person for an interview and whether the candidate is appropriate for the role. If an interviewee is recommended for an interview, the Selection Committee must undertake an in-depth review of the application in order to consider whether the Selection Committee has appropriately met its role in selecting the candidate. This will include a detailed assessment of the applicant’s skills, qualifications and potential for success, as well as consideration of the Selection Committee’s commitment to ensuring that all the relevant criteria have been met during the selection process.