Committee News

The EBU News Committee represents the interests of its members involved in news gathering and dissemination. Its interdisciplinary membership works to promote dialogue and cooperation among news operations and to develop best practices. It also facilitates information exchange by sharing media expertise and innovation. The News Committee’s mission is to shape the future of public service media and journalism.

Members of the House Oversight Committee have received taped testimony from former president Donald Trump’s personal attorney. These taped statements are likely to be featured during the next hearing. The House Oversight Committee is also expected to hear from other members of the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

In addition to investigating allegations of misconduct, the MSC also investigates any claims of legal action that may arise from the Company’s compensation scheme and civil proceedings. It also ensures that News UK cooperates with any relevant investigations and that the rights of all parties are protected. It also has authority to conduct internal investigations, direct News UK personnel to cooperate with these investigations, and ensure that documents related to investigations are preserved.

The SCN is led by Julie Collier, a former journalist and former broadcaster. She has extensive experience in the House and the Executive. She is supported by a fellow director, a former Beehive chief press secretary. In addition, it employs a pool of young journalists who are on the verge of professional careers.

The FOMC holds eight regularly scheduled meetings a year. During these meetings, the members review economic conditions and evaluate risks to their long-run goals of sustainable economic growth and price stability. Committee members are listed on the FOMC website. You can browse committee members’ profiles and learn about their legislative and policy-making processes.

The main part of the seventy-seventh session of the Fifth Committee is scheduled to begin at 10am on 3 October 2022. To participate, delegates should contact the mission’s “e-list of participants focal points.” If a delegation has more than one representative, indicate that in the e-list module. Further details can be found in the document A/INF/77/2/Rev.1.

The UC also welcomed Lisa Hager and John Boyland to its ranks, increasing the number of committee members to five. Additionally, the committee appointed UC representatives to other campus committees for the upcoming year. In addition, the committee received an overview of the initial plan to reorganize SSEA, which will be discussed during the upcoming semester and revised before being presented to the Faculty Senate.