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As for the Meadows investigation, the House Judiciary Committee has not received all of Meadows’ evidence. For example, the committee did not receive the entire transcript of the hearing. The committee’s vice chairwoman, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, also read the messages that Trump Jr. sent to Meadows. They urged Meadows to condemn the Capitol Police’s tweet. The messages were sent to Meadows through Signal, an encrypted messaging app. The hearing also featured testimony from police officers who were involved in the violent events of January 6. The police officers shared their accounts of the attack with the committee both publicly and under oath in July.

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If you have a special investigation to perform, Republicans know the political power that these investigations have in high-stakes election years. The Benghazi probe was a prime example, which ran through the election cycle and helped Donald Trump win the presidency. In response, Pelosi decided to include Clinton supporters in the panel to ensure that the Republicans did not have a free rein when attacking Clinton. Rep. Elijah Cummings led the defense of Clinton.

A committee has the authority to access records in the White House. It can review documents and texts that were deemed relevant during the 2016 riot. The committee’s roster was last updated on 04/29/2022. It also holds access to documents from the Trump campaign. The House Judiciary Committee is looking into the allegations of the president’s aide Mark Meadows. Several members of the committee questioned the legitimacy of the White House’s actions.