The Selection Committee consists of the primary executive officers of a publicly held company and at least two additional members chosen by the Board of Directors. It normally makes recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding matters affecting the company. The committee, together with the Board of Directors, reviews and makes recommendation to the CEO concerning various employment policies and issues. The committees are usually comprised of the CEO, CFO, and or General Manager.

Selection Committee

The main role of the selection committee is to assist the Board of Directors in selecting an officer they believe would be an effective leader for the organization. The members of the committee to assist the CEO and CFO in assisting in finding the right person, who possesses all necessary qualities. The committee members are knowledgeable about the inner workings of large corporations; they are able to assist the company in finding the best possible candidate to lead them. The members of the selection committee are typically very well connected in large businesses and can readily provide valuable and relevant information concerning the candidate selected.

As with any other type of board, the hiring selection committee helps the employer in making important hiring decisions. It helps the employer evaluate applicants who may be considered for position. This helps in providing the employer with accurate and timely information regarding the suitability of the applicant. With the help of this type of specialized committee, the employers are able to reduce the number of interviews that are conducted and shortlist a limited number of candidates. Furthermore, through the use of hiring committees, the companies are able to ensure that they do not miss out on recruiting the most eligible applicants for the available positions.

The committee structure is set in place to help in developing a shortlist of candidates for the available positions. These committees are made up of members who have the responsibility of reviewing and recommending a candidate to the CEO and CFO. These members are appointed to specific areas of the company as needed. Once a suitable candidate is recommended by one or more members of the selection committee, an opportunity to interview is provided to the person.

An interview will be conducted either by phone or in person where the candidate can meet the entire selection committee and discuss personal and work related issues in a safe environment. Through the conduct of an interview, the applicant will be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively perform the duties relating to the vacant position. The individual may also be required to submit personal as well as work related documents to support their candidature.

After the interview, if the candidate is found to be a suitable candidate, then they will be formally invited for an interview. The interviewee will be asked a series of questions pertaining to their suitability for the position. The questions will aim to highlight any possible weaknesses that the candidate may have and also highlight any possible strengths. This is the first step in the selection process. It is usually during the interview process where the candidate can show off their skills and apply for a job in the organization.