Committee News

Committee News – What’s Behind The Content?

Committee News is an online professional web site, which provides members of Congress, campaign staff, campaign volunteers, press, and others with up-to-date information on upcoming happenings. It also publishes an annual congressional index of legislative activity, as well as links to individual congressional hearings, speeches, and other news. The site features frequently asked questions and a frequently asked question archive. This comprehensive resource source for Capitol Hill information is continuously updated with the latest information.

Although the Committee News service is not available to the public, it is provided to selected members and their committee associates. To gain access to this privileged access, one must join the online newsletter, which is sent by the site’s editorial team. Subscribers to this electronic mail newsletter will be allowed to register without having a subscription. The electronic mail notification will also provide a link to the website, which will enable those who are new to the congressional world to learn more about the organization and its operations.

All articles and opinions featured on the Committee News web site are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily 100% supported by either House or Senate committees. However, those represented on either side of an issue may freely express their views. Also, some of the information may be considered non-binding, so members are encouraged to weigh the facts before taking any action. Some of the information also reflects the opinion of politically active groups and individuals such as citizens and other nonprofits. The information is sometimes published under ancillary terms such as an overview or ratings.

Many times the site will feature commentary from committee members, particularly minority members. This allows the site to build in credibility with Capitol Hill experts. Members of Congress are urged to take advantage of the valuable information offered at the site. Many of the issues covered on the site deal with international issues affecting United States citizens and interests.

As you might imagine, there are some stories that get more attention than others. Reporters and bloggers are always looking for new sources and topics to write about. In many cases the stories are submitted to the site ahead of being made available to journalists. Reporters and bloggers will often search for information using the news keywords. The resulting articles and blog posts will contain a link to the Committee News home page.

Some news outlets, including media companies from around the country and some of the most popular online newspapers, syndicate the stories. Reporters and bloggers will obtain written comments and news blurbs from the Committee News web site. These information products can then be distributed throughout the nation and beyond. Some of the information is even syndicated right alongside the original story.