Selection Committee

How to Manage a Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is an integral part of any organization. Their primary role is to screen the suitable for hire candidates. Selection Committee consists of three key members. The Chairperson is the senior most official of the organization; the Manager is the second most senior most official of the organization; the Secretary is the least senior most of the three members. Each of them plays a specific role in the overall working of selection committee.

The overall procedure of selection committees consists of formation of a’Selection Committee’to shortlist suitable candidates, who appear most suitable for the post, while the composition of selection committee depends with the nature of organization, and is generally comprised of the Secretaries of the administrative department concerned, and the Minister-in Charge of the internal administrative division where the public sector organization falls as per rules laid down by government. This online training helps the employer to select an efficient and effective person as the prime candidate for the post of CEO, CFO, or any senior management position. This also aids them to assess the prospective candidate in terms of his qualities, qualifications and experience, which helps to select the best suitable one.

Selection of the most successful candidate out of large pool of applicants requires careful screening and thorough interviewing. This can only be achieved by effective teamwork and interaction of individual members of selection committee, who are specialized in different areas of expertise. An interview session enables the employer to know the personality of that potential candidate. It is also essential to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, skills, past record, achievements, leadership capability, adaptability, initiative, communication style, and other such factors that are closely related to the job he is applying for. If the employer is successful in hiring the right person, then he should be able to create a positive working environment and good relationship between him and his team members.

In order to achieve better results in the interview process, it is important to conduct a selection process that involves the participation of interviewers from different fields. For example, the selection committee may want to include representatives of marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, operations, quality assurance, and other relevant fields. Through open dialogue, these individuals can exchange information on their existing experiences and learn more about the work culture of your company and your target market. They can also exchange views and opinions on the kind of employer-employee relationship that exists in your organization. The discussion participants can use this opportunity to ask questions regarding your company’s policies, structure, performance, goals, objectives, and future plans. The candidates may also use the opportunity to discuss with the interviewers about the problems they have encountered and learn from their failures, if any.

In order to facilitate and secure a smooth interview process, the selection committee should clearly define the interview questions and have a list of possible answers ready before the start of the interview. Once the interviewers arrive on the day of the interview, it is important for the committee to prepare an overview of the interview questions and discuss how they will answer those questions. The interviews should focus on areas that were not addressed during the candidate questionnaire. The candidate interviewers should be informed beforehand of all the interview questions and expected answers.

The final selection meeting is usually held a week or two after the candidate interview. During this meeting, the candidate and every other candidate on the committee are presented with a list of job offers. The members of the selection committee then select the candidate who received the most credible offers and notify the selected candidate. This provides them the peace of mind that they need to commit to pursuing the best job offers in the industry and to pursue a successful career in their field.