World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee consists of five members, one from each country, who have specific expertise in their chosen sports. They meet three times a year and make a shortlist of athletes. They then pass their shortlist on to the organizing committee for final selection. There are several criteria that must be met by a candidate in order to be considered for this committee. They must have relevant expertise in their particular field, have previous experience and be members of a recognized sporting organization.

The World Selection Committee meets three times a year to evaluate applications and determine if an athlete qualifies for the Olympics. If an athlete does not meet the criteria, they are disqualified for four years and will be unable to compete at any Olympic games. The selection process is not easy and there are many factors to take into consideration.

World Selection Committee members are chosen according to their experience and qualifications. Athletes are evaluated and ranked by these committee members. Each member has a different area of expertise and is chosen on a rotation basis by the organizing committee. The members are required to meet specific qualifications and have four years of experience in their chosen sports. Failure to meet these criteria will result in disqualification from the Worlds.

To be considered for a bid, an athlete must have an active and growing relationship with a member of the World Selection Committee. They must have the support of a current member organization and have a large Instagram following. In addition, applicants must be a member of a professional organization in the relevant area.