Selection Committee

The hiring manager creates a Selection Committee when he or she wants to hire someone to fill a position. The committee should have members from various departments, levels, and groups to ensure a diverse pool of candidates. In addition, the committee should include people with different levels of experience. If the position is for an academic staff member, the Selection Committee should include representatives from OPSEU Local 415 and other relevant organizations. The committee’s members should be well informed about the position they are considering.

In addition to interviewing potential candidates, the Selection Committee also considers the qualifications of the applicant. During the interview, candidates should arrive at least 15 minutes early, and they should wear loose-fitting clothing. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, it is true that everyone is busy, and it is crucial to set aside a specific amount of time for the interview. Likewise, it is important to consider the time constraints of the applicants and the members of the Selection Committee.

In addition to evaluating each candidate individually, the members of the Selection Committee may also conduct a standard questionnaire. The questionnaire should include questions that assess relevant personal qualities. The answers to these questions can serve as valuable guidance for interview questions. They can also serve as a basis for comparing candidate responses to standard job performance measures.

In early February, 18 members of the Selection Committee meet in Cambridge. Interviews take place in the morning, and the selection of four fellows is made later that day. Two alternates are also chosen, in case any of the nominees decline. A member of the Selection Committee can attend both meetings. For information about these meetings, visit the Harvard University Admissions website.

The Chair of a Selection Committee is elected by their peers and has the authority to schedule business in Westminster Hall and the Commons Chamber. Members of a Select Committee may also be members of a Backbench Business Committee. In addition to meeting in the House of Commons, the committee may schedule its own business in the House of Lords.