World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee selects athletes from around the world for the Olympics. They do this by evaluating their performance, sportsmanship and appearance. They meet at least three times a year to choose the best athletes from each country to represent their countries in the Olympic Games.

The committee members are experts in their sport and have a lot of experience. They work very hard to ensure that the athlete they choose is the best possible choice for the country. They also make sure that the athlete is able to handle all of the pressure and stress of being selected for the Olympics.

They are not afraid to use their judgement and put the athlete through a variety of training sessions before they can be chosen for the Olympics. They are also willing to give athletes a second chance when they perform below expectations.

Athletes can qualify for the World Championships by meeting automatic criteria or through discretionary selection. The USA Cycling Selection Committee works with the Sport Performance staff to make decisions about which athletes should be eligible for the World Championships based on the following criteria:

Future Medal Capable Athletes (FCCA) – An athlete who has demonstrated recent trends that may lead to medal-winning results within three years at an Olympic or World Championship, as outlined in the relevant ASP.

Furtherance of USA Cycling’s High Performance Plan Goals – An athlete who has demonstrated an effort to further enhance their overall ability and potential to become a top-level gymnast by completing additional competitive activities at a higher level than previously completed, as outlined in the relevant ASP.

In addition, the committee will take into account an athlete’s ability to compete in Protected Competitions as outlined in the following documents:

Criteria for Discretionary Selection of Athletes for Protected Competitions

The following criteria are considered when the Sport Performance staff and the USA Gymnastics Selection Committee are making discretionary selections for Protected Competitions. The criteria are listed in priority order A through D and will be reviewed when making a discretionary decision to select an athlete for a Protected Competition.

Athletes whose nominations are remanded by the USA Cycling Selection Committee must wait until a new deadline before they can submit an updated nomination. The new submission date is set by the selection committee and approved by USA Cycling’s Chief of Sport Performance and CEO.

During this period, an athlete’s nomination must be accompanied by supporting evidence and a clear explanation of why the application of the criteria in question is appropriate. This documentation will also include supporting evidence of the athlete’s previous performances and training, as well as any recent trends that might indicate an improved ability to compete at a high level.

The World Selection Committee is a very important group that makes sure that each athlete who applies for the Olympics has a fair chance of getting an invitation. There are a lot of people involved in the selection process and they work hard to make sure that all the candidates get an opportunity to be selected.