Committee News is an award winning web based video and photojournalism training programme that delivers a unique solution to today’s busy, stressful workplace. Coaching executives through the creative process of decision making and providing comprehensive and in-depth training for corporate executives. This cutting edge programme gives you a unique opportunity to learn from industry leading experts who have real world experience, right in the workplace. Through video conferencing and online webinars with up-to-date information, it helps prepare you for your leadership role by immersing you in a dynamic and stimulating environment that will challenge you and help you gain real insight into how you can improve your team. With this innovative programme, you’ll learn how to create powerful and innovative decisions based on real life case studies, which can change your business. In addition to producing stunning images and videos, it introduces you to the latest photographic and videographic technology, providing you with cutting edge information for your digital and creative teams.

Committee News

The Coaching and Training programmes are delivered in an engaging and intuitive way to make the most of your learning. It covers a full range of areas including; current affairs, media relations, management, finance, marketing, operations, strategic planning, stakeholder relations and more. In addition to producing training videos, it delivers printed media, online and print resources, book reviews and case studies. It’s the perfect companion to your annual Coaching and Training programme.

Each quarter the Company holds an Executive Forum, where all senior managers and senior staff get together to celebrate and discuss the year’s accomplishments and future targets. Every six weeks a ‘committees’ day’ is called to discuss the year’s issues and successes and look ahead for the next six months. These events represent the cornerstone of your Company’s success and are a key component of the Company’s reputation and image development. Through video conferencing you’ll be able to attend these meetings and contribute to the important discussions. If you have a video camera or need a written report, you’ll be able to get it completed in minutes, allowing you to get back to work immediately.

Committee News will include stories that are topical, timely and have real-world relevance. Stories can be submitted through email, by fax, phone call, regular mail, and newspaper article submission. Submissions should be made according to our editorial guidelines – concise, clear, professional, relevant and well informed. However, if you prefer you can contact us directly using one of the forms on the website or by phone to discuss your story ideas. Your submission should be no longer than one page long and a link to the Company’s website should be included at the bottom of the story.

As an ongoing commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients, vendors and associates, we are happy to provide free updates and training via video, audio, text and email. So whether your Company is small medium sized or large, you can find all the information you need in one place and keep up-to-date with the latest news, developments and trends. Whether it’s new product lines or training courses, our expert team is ready to help.

If you require any additional information or training in the areas mentioned above, we recommend that you contact one of our trained specialists today. We are happy to work with you, even before the start of your project. Our seasoned video producers can help you get started, manage your project and ensure quality throughout. Contact us today!