World Selection Committee

Get Kicked Into the World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee consists of only a small group of individuals, who collectively have the important task of selecting international athletes to represent their country at various Olympic Games. International athletes are chosen based largely on their sporting ability and sportsmanship, as well as their appearance. The committee does not include a favorite, so all the athletes have to qualify through an official selection process. It is the duty of each individual athlete to provide information to the committee and all the other needed documents. It is important for these athletes to pass a medical test, undergo a background check, and all necessary testing.

Athletes who represent their countries at the Olympic Games play an important role in helping to enhance the overall beauty of the games and the spirit of the sport itself. It is very important for the world selection committee to pick the best athletes in the various sports that represent their countries. The executive coach for the quadristers and relay divers is usually chosen by the world selection committee after careful consideration. The committee members also look at how each athlete performs at meets in their country, but most of the time, they base their choice on the athlete’s performance at the Olympic Games itself.

During the past four years, Laura Hillenbrand has been a national competitive figure skater for the United States. She has reached the quarter finals in the two previous Olympics, as well as the gold medal. Laura finished her four-year degree from the University of Massachusetts, where she was a four year starter for the men’s basketball team. She is a two time All-American senior and currently is the executive coach for the National Association of Professional Female Athletes.

Amy Waterman is a three time Olympian and currently is the executive coach for the National Association of Professional Females. She has coached at every level of play, from youth all the way up to the national team. While at UMaine, Waterman helped to create the now popular Swim Teams that travel around the country and represent the United States at the swimming events. Amy is also a member of the board of directors for the Mass Sports Club.

Jessica Aguilar is a four time Boston Massachusetts native and is currently the director of communications for the Recreational Sports Business Association. Before working in the field of marketing, she was the director of communications for the MBTA. Jessica holds a masters in Social Communication and Public Relations from the University of Michigan. She has worked as an assistant to the president of the NCAA and was also a communications specialist for the State Department. Jessica has been active in local, state, and national politics for many years.

If you are going to be an executive coach or a team leader, these are some great picks to make for the World Selection Committee. Who knows, they may add a few more names to their books. I’ve enjoyed reading the bios on the members of the Select Committee and look forward to reading more from them. Hopefully, they will add even just one person from Massachusetts to their books this year. They have done great work in the past, and I’m sure they can do even greater in the future.