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Committee News is an online magazine that features timely and important information about local government, school board politics and other issues of interest to its readers. If you’re a committee leader looking for information to share with your colleagues or members, then this is the source for you. It’s a valuable source of information for politicians and other citizens who are interested in politics and policy developments in their community.

The goal of Committee News is to bring you high-quality news and information that you can use in your professional and personal life. To keep it a thriving enterprise, we publish a newsletter on an irregular basis. Our publication schedule varies depending on the topics we choose to cover. For example, sometimes we publish more political news stories than other times. Regardless of the subject, you’re sure to find a few gems in our newsletter.

Our newsletter will feature a variety of perspectives on many local issues including: new legislation, pending legislation, issues that affect your business sector and more. We’ll also give you links to some interesting stories about local issues. You may even come across a story that you would like to write about!

The beauty of this electronic format is that you can access our newsletter without logging on to our site each day. Simply go to the “ewsletters” section within our site and scroll through the topics listed. You’ll be able to select which issues interest you most. Then, you can sign up for the newsletter right away. Our members receive updates on a daily basis regarding meetings, committees, issues, etc. They can also sign up to receive emails about upcoming events, political bloopers, celebrity gossip, etc.

If you’d like to get involved, but aren’t sure how – join the” Committee News “board. On our website, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer for board activities. Some of them include: serving on committees, participating in meetings/announcements, serving as editor in chief for selected issues, commenting on articles/web pages and more. Want to help out but not volunteer? You can still sign up for the newsletter – just go to the “ewsletters” section and scroll through the topics listed there.

As an organization, the most powerful tool we have – in terms of communication and influence – is none other than our newsletter. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, click here. Our team will help you get started and will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sign up for your own copy today!