Committee News

Committee News provides news and analysis on the work of select committees, a small group of MPs that examine Parliamentary business in detail. It is a valuable source of information for people who want to follow the activities of their committees and to see what recommendations are being made.

Overview of Committees and their Work

In general, select committees are formed to study a particular topic or issue. They are sometimes formed by a government department or an organization to do research and make recommendations on a project or change. These groups are usually smaller and are more specialized than other committees.

A committee may meet on a regular basis or as needed. They may be required to keep minutes of their meetings, which can be used by the committee’s parent body or in a court case.

Some committees have a designated chair and secretary, who are responsible for running the meetings. The chairman is also in charge of recognizing members to speak and ensuring that decisions are approved by the committee through voting or unanimous consent.

Those who are not appointed to committees can also attend meetings as observers. These are generally not required to take part in discussions. However, the person who chairs a meeting has a duty to ensure that the meeting is conducted in a fair and honest manner.

In some cases, committees have a legal obligation to provide a final report on their findings. This report is usually sent to their parent body, and it may include legislative recommendations or criminal referrals.

A committee that is unable to make a final report on its findings and recommendations, or fails to make any, can be discharged by the appointing power. This might happen if the committee does not have enough evidence to support a recommendation or because the committee’s members are unable or unwilling to perform their duties.

The House Select Committee on Intelligence and Security held its final hearing Monday to discuss its nearly 18-month-long investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot. The committee heard testimony from witnesses and obtained video of the day of the riot and other records.

At the hearing, the committee recapped its findings from previous hearings and reviewed the evidence it has gathered during the investigation. The committee is expected to release a final report and non-sensitive transcripts and documents later this week.

In addition to releasing a report, the committee plans to release the transcript of the call that took place between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and congressional investigators. The panel is trying to learn more about how Flynn’s contacts with military and intelligence officials were influenced by Trump and his campaign.