Committee News

A committee is a group of people that works on specific issues within an organization. The members of the committee may be elected or appointed, and their responsibilities and duties are usually outlined in the organization’s bylaws. A committee can be used to explore topics that would be too expansive for a deliberative assembly, or it can be formed as an investigative body. A committee may be small or large, and its structure may vary from one organization to the next.

A Congressional committee is a panel that investigates issues of importance to the United States. Members of the committee are often called upon to share their expertise, knowledge and opinions with other members of Congress and the public at large. A Congressional committee can also serve as a forum for the discussion of various controversial issues.

In some cases, the work of a Congressional committee is published in the form of a report. This report is typically written by the committee’s secretary and is a permanent record of the proceedings. The report describes the purpose and scope of the measure being considered, along with the reasons for recommending approval or disapproval. Depending on the type of legislation, the committee may decide to report the bill without amendment or to report a new bill incorporating all of the amendments. The committee may also decide to table the measure.

During his time on the Justice Committee, Raskin has been a strong advocate for criminal justice reform, focusing on prison overcrowding, recidivism and sentencing practices. He is also a noted constitutional scholar and has published a memoir about his experiences during the insurrection and the impeachment trial, as well as the death of his son.

Schiff’s work on the investigation of domestic extremism is an important part of his overall legislative portfolio. He has a deep background in law and prosecuting, as well as a lengthy career fighting for civil rights, which he has used to frame his approach to the inquiry into domestic extremism and its links to white supremacy. In addition, his extensive debate experience has helped him go toe-to-toe with Republicans on the issue, and he is often mentioned as a possible successor to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Committee to Protect Journalists honors journalists around the world who risk their lives to pursue news that benefits their communities. They have faced years of imprisonment, harassment and threats to their safety while gathering critical information that serves the interests of the people they represent. This year, they have been recognized at a ceremony in New York for their tireless dedication to the pursuit of freedoms that benefit us all. The full list of 2023 honorees can be found here.