The World Selection Committee is an ever changing group of people, who meet annually to review the programs of IAEA and other activities so as to set the criteria for choosing states and/or countries that are eligible to be a full member of IAEA. At this meeting every year new and fresh ideas are taken in consideration, and new projects are proposed. It is important that all the IAEA member states and countries have met some basic criteria set down by the World Select Committee. Some of the criteria include having an economy that can provide the necessary infrastructure for the peaceful and stable implementation of the provisions of the Additional Protocol to the IAEAreements and the Rome Statute.

The IAEA itself has laid down a series of criteria on which the decision regarding which member states should be accepted or rejected is based. However, the members must be unanimous in their opinion as well as the requirement of each state to be meeting the minimum criteria. Some of the key criteria include: The IAEA must take into account the capacity of the country to carry out the program. Every country should be examined according to its capability, and the IAEA board must be satisfied that it is capable of fulfilling the obligations undertaken by the agency. To this effect the IAEA makes it mandatory for all the states to submit the most recent IAEA report on its activities to the Board, which monitors the compliance of the state with its obligations.

All the states are reviewed according to their levels of achievement in the past and present. A score is given to each state according to its ability to meet the specific criteria. The review team consists of a number of people appointed for each country. These people are all experts in various fields, such as weapons, nuclear proliferation, and energy. They meet once a year and are very careful to look at all the aspects and evaluate the activities of the countries very carefully. After the review all the countries are then selected from among them on the basis of their performance, and their level of achievement, in order to assign them a score.

The other criteria is “cooperation”. This is the most important criterion. Each country must be able to cooperate effectively with the IAEA, and all the participating countries must work closely in order to meet the program and obtain the certification. This means that no country can claim to have an active participation in the IAEA program unless it is able to back up its claims. This makes it necessary for each country to meet all its obligations as set forth in the IAEA schedule. Therefore, it is extremely important that a country chooses its projects carefully, taking into consideration all of its capabilities and resources and choosing projects that meet the requirements of the IAEA rather than just claiming to be active participants in the program.

In addition to this, the IAEA also has specific criteria for its candidate countries, and this includes the level of foreign relations and the political culture of each country. In order for a country to be chosen for a project, it must meet all of the qualifications set forth by the IAEA schedule. This may include a determination that the country is in compliance with all of the schedule’s specifications, an assessment of the degree of economic stability, and a certification that the country is ready and willing to work with IAEA to achieve the goals of the program. There are many things that go into being chosen for a project. For instance, the level of foreign relations of the country is very important, because every country has an interest in promoting good relations with the IAEA, and therefore the level of cooperation must be considered carefully. Likewise, a country’s level of economic development, safety measures, and the degree of environmental safety are all very important factors as well.

It is also vital to remember that the IAEA is working to establish its credibility as a global organization. Therefore, it is important that each country that becomes a part of the organization demonstrates its dedication and commitment to the program, in terms of meeting all of the requirements. Every country that becomes a part of the IAEA must also work hard to promote itself, both through educational efforts and IAEA membership. The choice of countries to be selected for participation in a program is based on a variety of different factors, including economic development, politics, technology, and history, among others. When choosing which country will be chosen for a particular IAEA program, it is important to keep in mind these factors.