The World Selection Committee (WSC) is an expert panel composed of individuals from various countries with expertise in the field of cultural heritage. It is a consultative body to the World Heritage Convention. The WSC is responsible for the development of the list of sites to be included in the World Heritage List, and the evaluation of nominations submitted by States Parties to the Convention. The WSC also advises on issues relating to the management of the World Heritage List, including the development and implementation of a system for identifying and managing intangible cultural heritage.

The WSC meets in regular sessions at least once a year and may hold additional informal meetings as needed. During the meeting, the WSC will review and approve nominations for inclusion in the World Heritage List. The WSC will consider the nominations submitted by each State Party and, if approved, recommend them to the World Heritage Committee for adoption. The WSC will also evaluate the effectiveness of the work of the World Heritage Committee, and consider any changes to its structure or procedures that may be necessary.

A member of the WSC is appointed for a four-year term, which can be extended twice. Applicants are selected at the discretion of WHO, taking into account the following non-exclusive criteria: technical expertise; experience in international and country policy work; communication skills; ability to work constructively with people from different cultural backgrounds and orientations; and gender balance. WHO will not disclose to any applicant the results of the evaluation/selection process or provide feedback on applications.

Selection Committee members are paid a monthly salary. The chairperson of the selection committee receives a higher salary. The committee members also get a bonus of Rs 1.5 million for every Test and ODI series they select the team for. In addition, the chairman of the selection committee gets a stipend of Rs 2.5 million for every match he attends.

The World Selection Committee consists of 25 experts, representing all World Bank income groups. Currently, the WSC has representatives from 14 low-income countries, 22 lower middle-income and 19 upper-middle-income countries.

The disciplinary procedure of the Selection Committee consists of three stages: first, an investigation is conducted to determine whether the offending behaviour is serious. If the offending behaviour is considered to be serious, then a hearing will take place. If the offending behaviour is not serious, then no action will be taken.

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