Selection Committee

A Selection Committee is a group of people responsible for interviewing and selecting a person for a position. This process is beneficial for a company because it offers varying perspectives and can help eliminate biases. Selection committees are also an excellent way to involve employees and customers in the hiring process. The committee will conduct interviews and may use a selection matrix to objectively compare candidates. A selection matrix is a table that allows the members of the committee to rate applicants on specified job-related criteria.

For example, if the Selection Committee is reviewing applications for a position as a Senior Accountant, the committee would rate the candidates on their knowledge of accounting procedures and policies (the specifics of which are listed in the job description) using a standard scale. The results of the ratings will then be compared against each other to determine the best candidate. The matrix can also be used to identify and prioritize the skills the applicant needs to possess.

Selection Committee members should be knowledgeable about the job for which they are applying, and their experiences with similar positions should be a strong consideration. The committee should also be diverse in terms of gender, race, and functional expertise. This will allow the committee to have a more complete understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the job for which they are applying.

In addition, members of the Selection Committee should be able to communicate effectively and be willing to work together as a team. The Selection Committee should be familiar with the Department’s Selection Process Policy and abide by Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action guidelines.

Assuming the Selection Committee consists of appropriate and qualified individuals, the Department will select one Modern-Era Player, three Contributors, and two Coaches. In order to be considered for Hall of Fame induction, the individual must receive a minimum 80% vote of the full Committee. In the case of a tie, the Committee’s current ground rules suggest that the oldest or youngest individual may be elected.

One of the biggest challenges for the Selection Committee is deciding which criteria to use when making decisions. While it is important to include all of the measurable qualities and qualifications that the candidate should possess, it is equally important to consider what factors are subjective and cannot be easily measured. The “Eye Test” is a common factor that gets thrown around, but it is not a particularly good or bad criterion to base your decision on.

Another issue is avoiding the problem of egos. The Selection Committee must be able to separate their personal opinions from the decision-making process. This can be difficult if the members of the committee are friends or family members of the candidates. The Committee should also ensure that they are not discussing the process with anyone who might have a conflict of interest or a commitment to the candidate. If a member believes that there is a conflict of interest or a commitment, they should advise the Chairperson immediately so that the Committee can review an appropriate course of action.