Selection Committee

What Does a Selection Committee Do?

A hiring selection committee is basically a group of individuals who collaborate with you to evaluate potential candidates, create a short list, and make selection decisions from the remaining pool of candidates. The committee may well be present at every step of the recruiting process. Sometimes they are only advisory, other times they are an active part of the selection process in order to help you with your final decisions. Whether they are advisory or an active part of the process, the members of your committee should be considered for their input and expertise in their particular area of expertise.

In some industries, the hiring and selection committee can be a combined entity. In such situations, the committee may choose between hiring an administrator. You cannot always have one person on the committee who is focused on both elements. The experience of each individual on the selection committee should be assessed based on their contributions to the overall process rather than solely on their ability to select a specific individual for a specific job.

How is the selection process carried out? A typical scenario would involve an interview or a series of interviews with a number of candidates. The interviewing process assists in obtaining feedback that helps in selecting the most suitable candidate. The interview provides the committee members with information about the candidate’s skills, abilities and personal qualities.

It is important to have a selection process that makes use of these feedbacks and interviews to increase the chances of hiring the best possible candidate. One such process is that the team that is doing the hiring meets with a candidate until they are satisfied that they are the right fit for the position. This allows for more than one person to express strong opinions about the candidate at a time, reducing bias or partiality. It also helps in building a stronger relationship between the hiring manager and the candidate and facilitates open dialogue about job requirements and expectations.

Another effective method that is used in selection committees is that of holding an interview followed by a written evaluation. The interview, which is conducted by the HR professional, helps in clarifying what the candidate is expected to do for the company. The questions asked in the interview to help determine whether the candidate has the capability to perform the required tasks. This evaluation, which is provided by a member of the interview panel and review committee, assesses the candidate based on his answers and his skills.

Finally, selection committees also consider the recommendations of the candidate and carry out a limited number of coaching sessions. These sessions are facilitated to ensure that the best candidates are invited for further discussion and additional evaluation. The number of sessions should depend on the size of the team handling the evaluation and the amount of time available to each committee member. Candidates who successfully complete the entire selection process are awarded with their prizes.