The Selection Committee consists of five people. Upon receipt of an application, the SAA President will assign to that same application to the committee. The following step of the selection process involves the reviewing of the application by the entire Selection Committee. Once this is completed, the person assigned to this task is responsible for determining if an applicant is qualified to serve on the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee

The five (5) members of the selection committee are all members of the Society of Authors. The members must be able to answer a multitude of questions regarding the candidate’s background and experience in the field they are being considered for appointment. The questions asked are designed to assist the organization in selecting the most effective individual for the position of Editor in Chief. A thorough examination of all of the necessary qualifications is necessary before the final vote is cast. It is vitally important that the person assigned the duty of selecting the next Editor in Chief be completely knowledgeable about the field he or she is required to supervise.

Once a suitable candidate has been identified, the selection committee member will then present the candidate’s resume to the hiring manager. It is important that the resume not only highlights the person’s qualifications, but the reader should also have an accurate assessment of the person’s personality and ability in accomplishing the task. The hiring manager will then evaluate the resume in order to make a well-informed decision as to who will be assigned to the newly created position.

Prior to hiring, the selection committee will meet with each candidate in order to discuss their resume, including areas of possible improvement. During these meetings, the applicant should offer insight as to how his or her experiences can benefit the organization. This is a vital step in the recruiting process. Not only will the hiring organization benefit from the applicant’s firsthand knowledge of its needs and desires, but also the applicant will provide valuable insight into how best to fulfill those needs and desires.

The primary focus of the selection committee is to ensure that all applicants are assessed for qualification, skill, and talent. From this point, however, it is important that the applicant realize that there will be people on the selection committee who will question his or her abilities and expertise. As such, it is necessary for the applicant to be prepared to be grilled by the members of the selection committee during the interview process. It is important that the person interviewing the applicant understands the need for such questioning and knows what to anticipate during the process. Having a prepared interview will help to alleviate some of the stress that applicant will experience during this crucial stage of the hiring process.

The last part of the selection process involves creating a list of the finalist candidates. The list consists of individuals who were not selected during the initial round of screening. Recruitment programs often include a list of potential recruits along with a short list of recommended candidates. The list provides the new members with a short list of candidates that meet the specific needs of the company. The members of the selection committee are typically business owners who are involved in the initial or developmental stages of their company’s recruiting efforts. The committee helps to provide direction for the company and ensures that the company remains on track in achieving its objectives.