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Committee News is sent out regularly to members of the university community. To submit an item for inclusion in a future issue, simply provide the title of the story and a brief paragraph describing what the story is about. You are limited to a maximum of 1000 characters, or 200 words, so keep this in mind when you write. You can also post a link to the article if you would like. Listed below are some of the most recent items published in committee news.

The Academic Staff Committee met to review Academic Staff numbers for the past five years. The Committee noted several trends that need further investigation, and Chair Rothfels will alert ASC Chair N. Oswald to request his input. In the meantime, the UC has taken some actions that can help faculty and staff members to make informed decisions. Whether or not the actions taken by the Academic Staff Committee are wise is unclear. Further discussion of these policies is ongoing.

The Academic Staff Committee (ASC) met this week to review the Academic Staff numbers over the past five years. The committee decided to follow up on some trends, but will not make a decision until the end of November. The ASC will be notified of the UC Board meeting and will be asked to comment on the results. The committee will also discuss the proposed changes to the Academic Staff Search Committee. Further discussion is expected in the coming months.

The Academic Staff Committee met to discuss the numbers for the last five years. The committee identified several trends that will need further study. As a result, Chair Rothfels will alert the ASC Chair N. Oswald and ask for his input. There are several other issues that the committee is addressing. This issue will require more discussion and deliberation. The AAFEC also discussed the new targeted hiring process. All of these issues are discussed in this meeting.

The Academic Staff Committee also met to discuss the recent trends in Academic Staff representation. The ASC also discussed changes to the Academic Staff Search and a new recruitment process for the campus police chief. This committee discussed the new criteria for faculty and staff, and agreed to clarify this process. The ASC is also committed to providing guidance for the new guidelines. The AAFEC is committed to helping the campus achieve a diverse student body. The Chairs of the three major divisions have a direct impact on student success.

The AAFEC met on Monday to discuss changes to the recruitment process. The AAFEC meets quarterly and reviews the results of applications for academic staff. The committee also meets to discuss the new target hiring process and Search & Screen procedures. It also meets to consider issues related to academic staff representation. In addition, the meeting aimed to improve communication with academic staff. There are a number of other topics for the AAFEC to consider. While a few issues are still being discussed, this meeting will continue to be informative and useful.