Committee News

The House Judiciary Committee is seeking testimony from Rep. Scott Perry on the Trump administration’s attempts to force the FBI to seize voting machines. The FBI is investigating whether the president had a role in the insurrection. In December of last year, Trump urged Rep. Clark to help him overturn a presidential election defeat. The House Judiciary Committee’s request to Perry shows that the committee has a willingness to exercise its oversight powers.

A small, revolutionary socialist organization in the U.S., the News Committee has become one of the world’s most influential publications. Membership in the group provides aspiring journalists with networking opportunities. It also promotes interdisciplinary dialogue between news operations and publishing. It encourages innovative news gathering. But is it worth joining? No, but it’s worth reading if you love politics. Here are three reasons why. Read the latest issue to stay up to date on current events.

The House Oversight Committee is investigating whether Trump supporters rigged the election by putting Republican electors in the U.S. Congress. Meadows’ investigation also concerns Trump’s use of a phone number belonging to energy secretary Rick Perry. While Perry’s spokesman denied authorship of the text message, multiple people who know the former governor have confirmed it was sent by Perry’s cell phone. And there are plenty of other reasons why Trump and his supporters may have tried to manipulate the election.

In May, the Committee approved new capstone topics and GME orientation topics for the 2019-2020 academic year. The Alliance Board of Directors will review the committee’s recommendations. Meanwhile, the Alliance is working on obtaining resident consent for sharing milestone data with other institutions. The committee also plans to assess the culture of medical education, including the new curricular innovations that are being implemented in many U.S. medical schools. For the next several months, the AJM will continue to develop its perspective pieces.

The Artwork Preservation Committee recently announced a new fundraising campaign to raise funds for its efforts to preserve artworks. In order to raise funds for the preservation of artworks, the Committee is offering two different packs of 8 note cards with envelopes for $15. Both packs contain images of four pieces of artwork and come in a clear cellophane wrapper. In April 2015, the committee featured in The Midweek Wire newspaper, including a photo of three pieces of artwork.

The House Homeland Security Committee’s legislation was reached by the top Democratic and Republican members of the committee. The legislation passed 222-190 with only two Republicans voting against it. In addition to the bipartisan commission, the select committee will also join several other investigations underway by the FBI, congressional committees, and the Capitol Police watchdog. The House will now have to decide whether or not to pursue the recommendations of the commission. As the House moves toward a final vote, it is likely that a more aggressive strategy will be taken.