World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is responsible for determining who will represent their countries at the Olympics. They are experts in their field and must be able to handle the pressure of making such important decisions. Many of these individuals are former Olympians and members of their country’s national governing body, but others are leaders in their field who have earned the confidence of other professionals in their field to make these types of recommendations.

Whether an athlete is considered to be a future medal capable or to support the event strategy and/or goals outlined in a specific ASP, the Selection Committee reviews each nomination and either approves it or remands it back to Sport Performance staff for further review. The Selection Committee also determines which athletes are not eligible for a discretionary selection based on ASP criteria.

Athletes must meet certain requirements in order to be selected for the World Selection Committee. These include a record of previous competitions and being at a point in their career where they are ready to make the leap from the club level to the elite level. They must also be able to compete in the Olympic trials, which is often considered to be the most difficult competition of all.

The Selection Committee is made up of senior athletes and experts in their fields. They are responsible for evaluating the shortlist and selecting a team to compete at the Olympics. The committee usually has five members who are experts in their field and are able to handle the pressure of being on this team.

KATY, Texas (October 19) — Eleven of the top women’s gymnasts in the United States will assemble for the women’s world team selection camp at the National Training Center October 20-23 in Katy, Texas. The in-camp competitions on Friday and Saturday will help the committee fill out the six-woman traveling team. Olympic floor exercise champion Shilese Jones is a near-lock for the squad, as are Jordan Chiles, who finished second all-around at the national championships and Jade Carey, the Olympic balance beam bronze medalist.

The Davis Scholarship Selection Committee is a group of volunteers who read nearly a thousand applications and teacher recommendations, conduct personal interviews with about 150 students at finalist weekend in February, and then select the students to become Davis Scholars. This dedicated and talented group of people donate their time to be a part of this incredible program. We are very grateful for their commitment to UWC-USA and to the global community of Davis Scholars. In addition to their expertise, they are all enthusiastic about the Davis Scholarship mission and the values of UWC-USA. Their work is crucial to the success of our mission. Click any member to learn more about their background and experience.