World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee and the Controversy Behind Mikulak’s Record Breaking Bid

Each member of the World Selection Committee knows what they are expected to do and each member is fully aware of how they can go about attaining that. The World Selection Committee consists of five members who meeting each month for an exclusive meeting no matter where the Olympic Games will be held. These members are the President, the Secretary-General, the Competitors’ Commission and the Medical Commission.

One of the greatest things that the Olympic Sports will ever have is the involvement from the members of the World Selection Committee. Every country on the Committee represents their own sport and each one has an objective as to how they see their sport progressing and how they are going to achieve their goal. At every meeting that the World Selection Committee meets all the sports governing bodies will present their case. This can often make it difficult for some countries to understand and it is absolutely necessary for the members of the World Selection Committee to be able to comprehend every aspect of every country’s bid.

The President of the World Selection Committee met with Mikulak before his appointment as President of the Olympic Sports and it was during this meeting that the two men came to know about the plans that Mikulak had in store for the London 2012 Olympic Games. It was during this meeting that Mikulak said that he believed the time was right for a woman to represent one of the most popular sports of the planet. He went on to state that the committee was considering a female candidate for the gold medal and that the committee hoped to set a new record for the number of female candidates to represent one of the nations in the Olympic Games. It was at this point that the International Olympic Committee made their decision and announced that they would be looking at having a female compete for the gold medal as one of the strongest runners in the world. The International Olympic Committee did not announce a name at this time but it was soon to be announced that the favorite to win the women’s gold medal was going to be Russia’s favorite runner, Tanya Rice.

Mikulak was excited about the prospect of a Rice win but there were still other countries that were also watching the proceedings. Russia was particularly active in the planning stages of their bid to win the games and it was widely speculated that the Russian government may have used their government connections to help broker the deal that allowed Rice to join the US team. There were rumors that the Russia government may have used bribes or kickbacks in order to secure the services of Rice. It was widely believed by all that Russia would win the games and that Mikulak would become the first ever black American Olympic athlete. The world quickly forgot about Mikulak when Russia failed to win their games.

Mikulak is scheduled to stand trial in July and he is currently in pre-trial in a federal court in Manhattan. He has plead not guilty to all charges against him but it is still unknown whether or not he will be found innocent. The World Health Organization has already announced that they will conduct a research into the bid by Russia and if any medical standards were compromised during the preparations for the Olympics.

The United States has always been upfront with athletes who have tested positive for steroids. However, Russia did not announce if they would be participating or not until after the world selection committee meeting. Only now are officials starting to get worried. The US will not be sending any athletes to the Olympics in the next few years and instead are in the process of training the new Russian athletes. The world selection committee should make it clear to all of the nations that they need to disqualify from the Olympics any athlete who is found to have used performance enhancing drugs.