World Selection Committee is an executive board of the International Paralympic Committee that decides the medals and teams for the various events at each Paralympic Games. Members of the Selection Committee are selected for their experience and expertise in each sport, as well as their commitment to the mission and values of the IPC. They are appointed for a four-year term by the IPC. The Selection Committee meets at least twice each year in Geneva, Switzerland, and is led by the Chair.

In the past, members of the Selection Committee have come from a wide range of backgrounds, including sports, social service, education and business. Some have even been Olympians themselves. They also represent the diversity of nations across the globe and are known to be committed to equality and inclusion.

The Selection Committee members are appointed for a four-year term, which can be extended for one additional term of up to four years, by the IPC. The members of the committee are chosen from around the world based on their knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Each member of the Selection Committee is expected to take an active part in the deliberations, and to work closely with the other members of the committee.

During the course of each meeting, the selection committee will work on the following areas:

It is important for all members of the Selection Committee to be aware that they are subject to certain rules and guidelines regarding their personal and professional conduct. These rules and guidelines can be found in the Selection Committee Rules of Procedure.

A member of the Selection Committee can be removed from the committee if they fail to adhere to these rules or if their actions are deemed by the chair as unfit for the committee.

The committee must discuss all nominees for a prize at a time and place (most likely a teleconference) that is convenient for everyone. They must agree, at the end of the discussion, that the nomination selected for a prize is a fair representation and was chosen in a proper manner.

The Selection Committee has a mandate to consider all relevant information and factors in order to make a recommendation on the award of a prize. This includes consideration of the merits, history, achievements and future potential of the nominee. It is also important that all committee members take the time to listen carefully to each other in order to reach a consensus on the winner of a prize.

Kris Srikkanth – nicknamed ‘Cheeka’ by his fans – has been named as the head selector of the India national cricket team for the Australia series. He will be joined by Yashpal Sharma from the North Zone and Narendra Hirwani, who comes in from Central. The move comes just two years after the former India captain retired and had previously been critical of the zonal-based system that he had been a part of.