World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is a group of people who are responsible for choosing the Olympic athletes to represent their country. This is a very important job and the members of this committee need to be able to handle a lot of pressure. They also need to have a lot of experience in the sport that they are helping to select athletes for.

The Committee consists of the finance ministers or central bank governors of each of the 190 member countries of the IMF, plus the Executive Director. Each of the members has a representative on the Committee, but only those who are permanent members have voting rights in the IMF’s annual policy meetings. The Committee also has a surveillance function, which monitors and analyzes economic and financial developments in the member countries.

Members of the World Selection Committee are appointed by their respective national governments or the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board. In addition to their regular meetings, the Committee convenes special meetings for emergencies such as when a crisis in one country affects other economies. The Committee also works closely with the G20, a forum of the major industrialized and developing countries.

Generally, members of the World Selection Committee have expertise in macroeconomics, monetary and exchange rate policies, remittances, trade, debt, and poverty reduction issues. The Committee also includes representatives from the emerging and developing economies, as well as from the European Union.

This committee meets twice a year to evaluate the shortlist of applicants for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The committee makes a recommendation to the IOC, which is final and binding. The decision is based on the committee’s evaluation of the performance and technical merits of the shortlisted candidates.

Selection committee members are required to follow the IOC’s Code of Ethics. If an individual has a conflict of interest, they must disclose it to the Selection Committee and recuse themselves from voting on a final decision. However, they may still provide relevant information to the Selection Committee in a fair and unbiased manner and should not attempt to influence other members in their voting decision.

Eleven of the top female gymnasts in the United States will assemble for World Team Selection Camp in Katy, Texas this week to help determine U.S. representation at the upcoming World Championships in Liverpool, England, on October 29. Simone Biles is a lock for the team, but the others have two competitions in as many days to prove they belong on the team.

The first day of competition is Friday, and the highest scoring all-around gymnast from that competition automatically qualifies to the six-person World Championships team. The final roster will be announced Saturday evening after the second day of competition. The final roster will include the top two all-around gymnasts, plus a maximum of four additional athletes based on performance and ranking in the all-around at the Selection Camp. Gymnasts may choose to show up to two supplementary events on Saturday if they wish.