World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee evaluates and shortlists the athletes who will compete for their countries at the Olympic Games. The Committee meets three times a year and is made up of five members representing each country, each of whom has expertise in their sport.

The committee reviews the nominations from each country and makes a selection, based on criteria set by the International Olympic Committee. The selected athletes then undergo a final evaluation before being named to the team and given the honor of representing their nation in Rio de Janeiro.

In the world of international sports, the selection process can be a lengthy one, often involving long-term relationships with potential members and their coaching staffs. The committee must also determine who is fit to represent their country in the Olympics and whether that athlete is ready to compete at the highest level.

Some of the committee members are experienced and are able to identify and select the athletes that will have the best chance of winning gold medals. Others are new to the sport and may not have a strong understanding of it.

Ideally, the Selection Committee is composed of individuals who have experience working in global civil society. These include community developers, thematic experts, individuals with hosting experience, U.S. Department of State Program alumni and other civil society leaders.

Ideal candidates for this position should be professionals who are currently working in the global civil society sector and have a broad-based understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, such as women, youth, refugees, migrants, and people with disabilities. They can be from non-governmental organizations, the private sector, or foundations.

They should also have knowledge of the thematic areas that are represented on the Committee, including Civic Dialogue and Peacebuilding, Open and Participatory Government, Women and Gender, Resilience and Sustainable Development, and Youth Engagement.

There are two types of selection committees: a reading committee and an interview committee. The reading committee is responsible for reviewing the CEE application and scoring it on a scale of 1-4, with a maximum score of 10.

In 2023, the CEE selection committee will read approximately 30-40 applications from December 16, 2022 through January 16, 2023. They will review and score these applications, then rank each applicant based on their scores. They will also provide feedback to applicants about how they can improve their application and help them improve their chances of selection.

The CEE selection committee will interview applicants from February 3 – 24, 2023. These interviews will be recorded and scored, with the top-scoring interviewees receiving an invitation to participate in the reading phase of the selection process.

The selection process for the World Selection Committee is an important step in the preparations for each Olympics, and each member is expected to contribute to this effort. The Committee aims to provide the best possible opportunity for each athlete to make a successful and memorable appearance in the Olympic Games. The Committee also seeks to provide a balanced approach, with members representing a range of backgrounds and perspectives.